3 Easy Tips to Program Your Garage Door Remote

If you know that there are smart remotes (like VIZIO has) for various appliances, you should know that your garage door could be programmed to do so as well. And you should learn how to program your door yourself. This way, you don’t have to call in a professional service every time you need to ensure your garage door is secure. Whatever the reason is, you lost the remote, or there is a new driver, following we are giving you easy tips to program the door yourself.

  • Get the Right Frequency

Garage doors work on different frequencies. Older models needed 390 MHz while modern ones respond to 315 MHz. Garage Door Opener Installation Malibu suggests there are two different ways to find out the frequency that works for you.


First, refer to owner manual. If you don’t have one, look on back of the opener and find part numbers. Once you get the part numbers, use them to search online and find out what frequency is used for them. Now use this information to buy the right remote, or keypad for door opener.

  • Find the Learn Button

Every garage door opener features a learn button on back of device. So climb up to garage door motor with latter, remove light cover, and go to the back of device where wires connect to find Learn button. It is a red square button.

If you can’t do it yourself, call a Garage Door Repair service, and ask them to help you with this.

  • Program the Door

Once you find the button, press it (don’t hold, just press it once). Now you have 30 seconds to program your garage door remote. When you program the remote, hold down the button on your remote you want to program.

The motor makes a clicking noise, and light will flash. Now the next time you press this button, your garage door will open/close. When it comes to program the keypad, you need to go to the keypad after pressing learn button and type in desired 4 digit code, and enter.

The keypad will flash letting you know everything is taken care of. Contact your local Garage Door Repair Services for more information.