Finding the Right Garage Door Springs

If your garage door is getting difficult to open or close, it may be time to replace the aging extension springs that help lift the heavy panels. As springs weaken over time, they reduce the door’s balancing function and put more strain on the opener motor. Proper spring selection keeps doors running smoothly for many more years.

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Measuring for New Springs

Take measurements before shopping for replacements. With the door fully closed, use a tape measure to determine the length of each side extension spring from the mounting points to where they attach to the door’s horizontal track or cable drum. Jot down this length along with the number of coils and wire diameter if marked. This information ensures you buy springs that identically match your existing ones.

Choosing Material and Weight Rating

Springs come wound under tension to provide lift assist. Typically for residential use, 5-10 turns are applied using either oil-tempered or galvanized steel wire. Oil-tempered is generally more durable and longer-lasting versus the lower-cost galvanized option. Pay attention to the spring’s weight rating as well – buy replacements for the same door weight as the old springs. The rating, in pounds, should be clearly listed.

Garage Door Spring Repair in Highland Springs can evaluate your door’s specifics if measurements are unclear. With their expertise, these professionals can determine exactly what springs your setup requires.

Helping with Installation

Replacing extension springs is no simple do-it-yourself task – it requires skillfully managing the dangerous power stored in the old, compressed springs. For safety’s sake, consider hiring a certified technician to complete this type of garage door repair work. At minimum, use appropriate safety equipment like gloves and eye protection. And never try to do both springs at once alone – leave one intact until the other is safely installed and wound.

Ordering Online or in Stores

Quality garage door springs and experts like mentioned above can be found at home improvement stores, hardware chains and websites. Ordering online usually offers the widest selection and competitive pricing versus local stock. Be certain any springs purchased match the listing specs for your door. Reputable sellers stand behind their products with return policies if needed. Don’t take chances on generic, unbranded springs that may fail prematurely.

Proper spring choice ensures smooth, long-lasting operation of your garage lift. Consult installing guides as well for winding and safety tips if tackling a DIY replacemenent project. With care and the right parts, you can keep your door running like new for years to come.