Finding the Right Survey Equipment for Your Next Project

Some have claimed that land survey is the world’s second-oldest profession. Whether or not this is true, it is fair to say that people have a long history of wanting clear definitions of who owns what. For construction, civil projects and DIY projects, being able to accurately survey land is important. Thus, you will want to make sure you have the right survey equipment. The following information will help you to decide what you need.

Survey Equipment

Common Types of Survey Equipment

There are lots of tools used by surveyors. You can explore all the different categories at Engineer Supply. However, the following are a few of the most common types:

  • Total Stations: For centuries, theodolites have helped surveyors to accurately measure angles. Total stations are electronic theodolites that have built-in distance measures. They are the bread and butter of modern survey.
  • Poles: Various poles are helpful for survey as well. They are often used with total stations or theodolites to aid in the measurement of angles and distances. Additionally, they can help with evaluating grades.
  • Markers: Flags and stakes are also important to effective land survey. They can help you to keep track of the work you have done so far.
  • Levels: Electronic and laser levels are commonly used to establish level planes when surveying. When used with poles, they are great for measuring grades.
  • Tapes and Laser Measures: Finally, distance measurements are important. Tapes and laser distance measures are perfect for this task.

Key Considerations

Deciding on the right survey equipment depends on your requirements and budget. Naturally, you will need to get the correct items for the type of survey you will be conducting. The following are some other considerations that you should also keep in mind.

Accuracy & Precision

Most survey equipment tends to be fairly accurate. You can expect your gear to give correct readings for where it is pointed, although some may require more calibration than others. However, there can be a big gap in precision. More expensive equipment tends to be extremely precise. Of course, not everyone needs to be able to measure fractions of an arcsecond.

Timeline & Budget

Typically, higher-end instruments are able to operate more automatically. Thus, you can often save substantial time. For example, a total station that can be operated via remote means that a single person can measure the angle from the station of various points quite quickly. Naturally, you can expect to pay more for automated equipment.

Team Size

Similarly, your team size will have a big impact. Some surveyors work alone. Others have a partner. Typically, the latter means that less expensive equipment can be used. If you have an even larger team, it may be possible to divide up the work to meet the timeline.

Get All the Survey Equipment and Supplies You Need

Whatever your requirements may be, Engineer Supply has the survey equipment you need. Check out our catalog of tools, supplies, equipment and more for engineering, construction and surveying. You’ll find everything you need to ensure that your next big projects get done on time and on budget.