How To Fix The Garage Door Sensor?

Are your garage door sensors not working well? Then it means they’re filthy or something is wrong with them. So, how to fix the garage door sensor? Fixing the garage door isn’t the problem. We’ll tell you how you can do that with ease.

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Fixing garage door sensors

When your garage door sensors aren’t working properly. If they’re not detecting the things that come in the way of the door, then it means they need to be fixed. So, there are different tips to fix garage door sensors. Let’s go through them one by one.

Block Sunlight

It is common for people to use their garage door to get to and from work. At dawn and dusk, the sun is at a steep angle. It is possible for the signal to be blocked if sunlight impinges on your eye sensor.

You should check your camera’s eyes to make sure they are not being dazzled by direct sunlight.

Check Alignment

It is imperative that the safety sensors are positioned squarely opposite one another in order to function correctly. In the event that the garage door sensors are damaged and out of alignment, the door will not be able to close.

Garbage cans, kids, and dogs are the most common items that cause the sensors to become out of alignment. Dust and spider webs should be removed from the camera’s eyes to ensure the lens is clean.


It is always a good idea to double-check the wiring between the circuit board and the photo eyes. If staples are driven in too deeply, the wiring may be shorted and the eyes may cease to function. See if the eyes are receiving power.

A steady glow should be visible in the form of red and green lights. When the lights flash or are off, it is possible that the sensors are not receiving electricity.

These are three simple methods for repairing garage door sensors.

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