New Extension Springs Made Our Heavy Garage Door Like New Again

Over the 15 years we’ve lived in our house, the garage door had gotten progressively heavier to operate by hand. My wife and I could tell the springs were wearing out. Left unattended, I feared they may fail unexpectedly which can be dangerous. So when I noticed one was starting to coil unevenly, I knew it was time for an upgrade.

Calling In The Pros

Rather than tackle this myself, I wanted experts to handle replacing the extension springs safely. The last thing I needed was one snapping and causing an injury. So we called our trusted garage door company, Garage Door Spring Repair Laurel, to take a look.

Assessing The Worn Springs

The technician inspected the two heavy-duty springs located on each side of the door above the opener. He confirmed both were indeed showing fatigue and recommended replacement. Over years of thousands of open/close cycles, even high-quality springs will eventually degrade under the constant tension and stress.

Smooth Installation

To access the springs, he first disconnected the door from the opener and relieved tension on the old springs. Then it was a matter of unwinding the existing springs and reinstalling new matching ones. The whole process took about an hour thanks to his expertise and efficiency.

Making The Door Like New Again

And what a difference the new extension springs made! Now my wife and I could open and close the heavy garage door with just a couple fingers. The effortless operation felt like it did when the house was brand new 15+ years ago. No more struggling with a stiff, binding door.

Safety And Peace Of Mind

The technician let us know spring failures, while rare, can suddenly unload a dangerous amount of tension. For just a few hundred dollars every 5-10 years or so, the maintenance ensures safe performance for our families and prevents costly repairs down the road.

We are very satisfied with the work from ‘Garage Door Spring Repair Laurel’. It’s reassuring to have such an important component serviced by professionals who know the inherent risks and do the job right. Our garage door is like new again and we don’t have to worry about safety for years to come.