The Best Garden Tools for Your Country Garden


A Simple Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is the best little tool you can have in your country garden. Fit for most situations your hand trowel will help you plant your fresh crops all year long. There’s nothing better than a sunny Sunday morning, trowel in hand, planting your beautiful blooms in the peace and quiet. A simple hand trowel can assist you in planting your small perennials, bulbs, and digging up weeds. When selecting the best hand trowel, make sure it’s sharp, and has good strength for digging, as well as a comfortable handle to get a good strong grip over, without causing yourself any discomfort.


Border Spade

A border spade is the perfect garden tool for working in a raised flower bed, including your planting, and digging, allowing you to work along without disturbing the roots of your other plants or shrubs. This nifty little tool is ideal as it’s smaller than a digging spade, but bigger than a trowel for those larger plants.

Digging Spade

A digging spade is the best tool for digging, breaking up, and lifting soil. If you did this with a border spade or hand trowel, you’d be going an awful long time! Additionally, you can create a perfect edge with a digging spade, as well as digging trenches for drainage, using the sharp long edges. Your digging spade is the best tool for the larger shrubs and trees in your garden that require a big hole to be planted into.

Dutch Hoe

The wide, sharp blade of a Dutch hoe allows you to slide into the soil and garden border with ease, cutting through any dead roots or weeds you may need to remove. The Dutch hoe is a brilliant tool for creating perfectly straight edges around your garden, but also great for removing weeds. The longer handle makes de-weeding much more comfortable than using your standard smaller de-weeding tools, protecting your back and knees from discomfort.

Other gardening tools to consider when perfecting your country garden are:

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Secateurs
  • Forks
  • Spades
  • Watering Equipment


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