The Role of Landscaping for New Houses in the UK

The British Government today is involved in a huge effort to get 300,000 new homes built in the country each year until the mid-2020s. It’s no small feat. The Building Back, Building Better Commission is tasked with the job of helping towns and counties accept all this new development. The careful consideration of landscaping is of the utmost importance if this goal is to be met. Landscaping should not be an afterthought, but a well-designed one to deliver a successful development, using a firm such as Red Shovel Landscaping to help produce the best designs for various areas. This can be a variation of designs as well. Every area has a different array of flora and fauna in it, or the ground is slightly different, and many landscaping companies cater to these needs. Whether an area needs sod lawn services or hardscaping like patios and decking, they can design it to the customer’s requirements. /p>


A Well Designed Landscape is an Asset to the Community

People today mourn the loss of the countryside to new homes, and yet it is necessary to provide homes for our changing way of life. Good landscaping that fits the locality can mitigate some of that negativity. Choice of landscaping features and materials can make a place feel special and can link to cultural, ecological and historical aspects of the existing community. Some people will be very happy with the changes to their gardens and homes. After all, there are so many features of gardens out there now that it’s almost impossible not to find something you like. For example, you can check out places like for outdoor lights, or visit a light store, you can look for the perfect furniture and you can even set yourself up a hot tub and relaxation area. The sky is the limit when it comes to landscaping and improving your outdoor space.

Adds to the Maturity of the Development

Landscaping can add to the Maturity of the Development, leaving some of the existing trees and hedgerows to a new site can lend an air of maturity to a development. Carefully chosen, high-quality plantings and attractive landscape design can give each home on the site character and desirability.

Improves the Visual Environment

Good plantings reduce and buffer noise, offer shade and shelter, and can filter dust and pollution. They can also provide movement, scent, and sound within the new community. Obviously these trees and plants have to be in the corrects places, for trees located in precarious places, they become a health hazard and a tree service like this tree service jacksonville fl area has to be called in to remove them.

Biodiversity of the Area

Landscaping can provide unique habitats for animals. A wide variety of native and non-native plants can provide food for birds, bats, and other wildlife as well as opportunities for nesting and roosting.

Provides Sustainability

The proper layout and choice of plants can undo some of the effects of global warming such as providing space for good drainage systems that do not need ongoing maintenance. Choosing suitable plantings from the onset of development also means less replanting in the future.

Recreation Areas

Greenways, woodlands and informal recreation areas can all be attractive features in new developments. A few well-sited benches make a community feel desirable.

Who doesn’t want to feel good about where they live and work? This can lead to the overall good health of a community and make the development highly desirable.

The landscaping scheme for any new development should be introduced very early so that it can be integrated right from the beginning and not be an afterthought. This assures that it will be an ongoing asset to the community. The overall aim should be to maximise the quality of life for the people who live and work there.