Many Reasons for Buying Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black Kitchen Cabinets

As expected, black cabinets are getting ready for a busy 2024. But this time with a bit of a twist; While traditional-style black cabinets have been their face for decades, 2024 is expected to put focus on everything else-

Black cabinets are set to be the best-selling cupboard designs. How do you get the best deals on kitchen cabinets at a time when inconsistent pricing has killed viable tricks? Well, this article invites you to consider going for the latest black kitchen cabinets.

Continue reading to discover not only reasons for choosing them but also tips and strategies for getting access to them conveniently.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

For so many years, black cabinets have faced skepticism from buyers, thanks to the fact that they’ve always been considered dark and unstylish. Now, black cabinets are a key part of homes, offices, and hotel lounges. It all started when people began to look at black cabinets more from the perspective of functionality than beauty.

As of now, almost all homeowners have bought or want to buy black kitchen cabinets, thanks to the following reasons;

  • Black Cabinets are Compatible with Multiple Aesthetics

From rustic to highly industrial material finishes, for example, colored plastics and laminates, as well as metals, black cabinets can match anything as far as material textures and colors and concerned. Consequently, they are considered compatible with all classic and modern interior design aesthetics, a fact that proves them invaluable in the context of interior design projects.  

  • Black Cabinets Can Instill Warmth into Spaces

Part of the functional values of black kitchen cabinets, most of which relate to their neutral color features, is based on the fact that they can absorb and retain heat. Unlike white cabinets which repel heat from interiors, black cabinets are perfect for instilling life into spaces. If your space is small, they can easily create the illusion of a larger space, especially if you try pairing them with light but striking shades, for example, the likes of the color white.

  • Black Cabinets are Maintainable

Still, thanks to the neutral properties of the color black, cabinets with black paint boast unmatched maintainability ratings. They can hide stains, and scratches, as well as resist impacts; note that they come with the most unquestionable durable materials in terms of parts, fixtures, and components. Such materials include exotic varieties of natural wood, some metals, plastics, and laminate fabrics.

Are Black Kitchen Cabinets Worth Buying in 2024?

As the reasons that have made them a staple in the interior design industry suggest, black kitchen cabinets are worth buying not only in 2024 but also years after. The drawers boast the potential to provide value for money by enhancing the practical aspects of any interior in which they are fixed.

The more homeowners will look up to black cabinets as possible backgrounds for mixing multiple colors, the more black cabinets will prove worth buying. Here are the best types of black cabinets you can buy without regrets this year;

  • Black Shaker Cabinets

In the world of classic interior design fashion, shaker-style black kitchen cabinets are a well-known staple. As of now, however, the drawers have turned out to be the attractions of every modern homeowner, all thanks to the fact that they are exceptionally appealing in terms of functionality.

Thanks to the fact that their popularity resurged remarkably, you can now find modern-fashioned black shaker cabinets, of which the most notable are slim shaker cabinets with black paint.

  • Mate Black Kitchen Cabinets

Mate black cabinets are also prominent models of black cabinet designs. From time immemorial, they have occupied the interiors of both upper and middle-class homes, thanks to their all-rounded visual aesthetics.

Other than their uniqueness, mostly in terms of surface outlook, mate black kitchen cabinets stand out courtesy of practical values, including the ability to repel dust and anti-fading properties. If you are looking forward to owning some of the most well-known black cabinet designs, mate black cabinets are some of the taglines you should use when making searches.

  • Ready-to-assemble Black Cabinets

Some of the most brilliantly crafted varieties of kitchen cabinets are RTA cabinets. You can find them in all kinds of paint colors, from black to white, red, pink, cream, green, brown, and so on. RTA cabinets, including models with black paint, are cheaper than most conventional-style cabinets and can be outfitted not only easily but also frequently.

Ready-to-assemble black kitchen cabinets are presently hotcakes in the interior design market. Everyone wants them for their friendlier prices and top-notch functional values, including flexibility and ease of outfitting.

Where Can I Find Black Kitchen Cabinets for Sale in 2024?

Have you already decided about going for black kitchen cabinets? If yes, simply visit a reputable cabinet-selling platform to kick-start and finalize a purchase. Depending on what works well for you, as far as your convenience is concerned, you can do that online or physically.

Nevertheless, you may have to talk to professionals, and fellow customers, or read interior décor magazines and articles, unless you don’t want to learn more about where to find kitchen cabinets for sale this year. Unless you fail to learn more about vendors, you may find yourself dealing with fake vendors, mostly thieves.

Some of the most important factors to consider while in a cabinet-buying endeavor include your likes regarding visual aesthetics. Moreover, one needs to bear in mind the overall demeanor or the space in which they want to fix the new cabinets. Last but not least, you must work with a budget in your bid to get access to and eventually buy black cabinets.

Final Thoughts

As they get ready for a busy 2024, all varieties of black kitchen cabinets are expected to trend like never before. If you have ever considered instilling the color black into your kitchen space, go for black cabinets. They are some of the most functional cabinetry designs one can ever own. Besides boasting unmatched strength properties, black cabinets are compatible with several interior designs in terms of visual aesthetics.

Green Kitchen Cabinets a Refresh Kitchen Design Idea

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever considered fixing green cabinets in the interior of your kitchen? Well, until recently, many homeowners didn’t like green-colored cabinets.

Currently, the rate at which homeowners are buying green kitchen cabinets on online and offline avenues is beyond imagination.

But are green cabinets a good idea? Read this article to find out more about that!

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green Kitchen Cabinets Demystified

Green kitchen cabinets are known for soft-spoken demeanors typical of a serene natural environment. Ideally, they are types of drawer designs you can never consider fashion rejects no matter how low they rank in terms of popularity.

This is because their marked features or attributes always prove them advantageous at any point in time. These features include the following;

  1. Powerful  Visual Aesthetics

Whether you opt for highly ornamented green cabinets whose surfaces are marked by flowery decorations or their non-sophisticated counterparts defined by straightforward visual aesthetics, you are bound to consider them attractive.

Because their color is linked to the natural environment, green cabinets always appear statement-making. Just like the green in plants, trees, and shrubs, the color green on green cabinets, is not only beautiful to look at but also calming and inspiring.

  • Top-Notch Practicality

There’s no more intelligent way to talk about the advantages of green kitchen cabinets than discussing their functional benefits. Green cabinets can match all colors you can think of. Hence, they are compatible with modern and traditional kitchen interior designs.

Apart from matching all kitchen interior designs, green-stained cabinetries can blend well with shiny metallic accents as well as laminate and natural wood finishes. Leveraging green-colored drawers as tools for realizing an interior design can, therefore, easily prove a convenient affair.

Are Green Kitchen Cabinets Good for Me?

Certainly yes! Green cabinets are good for you because they are easier to access and work with. Because they can match a variety of colors and textures, you can use them to conveniently achieve any classic or modern interior design.

But generally speaking, you can never know objectively whether or not green kitchen cabinets are good for you unless you consider the following;

  • The visual demeanor of your kitchen
  • Your color preferences
  • The cost of purchasing and installing green cabinets

Final Thoughts

Cabinet manufacturers deserve flowers for endearing green kitchen cabinets to homeowners. Never in the wildest dreams of homeowners did the thought of cabinets with an appearance typical of the natural environment ever appear. Unlike many colored cabinet designs, green cabinets are beautiful, efficient, as well as durable.

Reasons to Choose Stained Kitchen Cabinets For your Kitchen Remodel

Stained Kitchen Cabinets
Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Are you planning to replace the cabinets in your kitchen with new ones but aren’t sure what to go for? Well, you are not alone. With tens of dozens of drawer design options currently available for homeowners to choose from, there’s arguably nothing as difficult as choosing between cabinet designs.

In this article, we seek to let you know why you need to go for stained kitchen cabinets when choosing cabinets for your cooking space.

Painted vs. Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Whereas painted cabinets are cheaper than their stained counterparts, they are more susceptible to peel-offs. Therefore, in terms of longevity, stained kitchen cabinets stand out as more attractive.

Besides the fact that they are cheap and durable, here are reasons why you should choose stained cabinets for your kitchen remodel.

  1. Stained Kitchen Cabinets are Trending

Stained cabinets have become very popular in 2023. Cabinets marked with popular stains, for example, black, brown, and grey, are now featured in almost all modern interior design trends, thanks to their ability to blend with multiple contemporary visual aesthetics.

  • Stained Cabinets are Versatile

If stained cabinets are your go-to drawer designs, then be sure that your chances of choosing your favorite drawer designs among numerous collections are higher. Stained kitchen cabinets come in multiple traditional and contemporary designs, all of which are as cheap and durable as any other cabinets with stained appearance.

  • Stained Cabinets Match Multiple Interior Designs

The majority of stained cupboards are built to fit inside all types of interiors, from traditional to modern-looking types of interiors. For this reason, regardless of what your pantry looks like, you can decorate it conveniently with stained cupboards of any kind.

Where to Find Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you’ve uncovered the good sides of stained kitchen cabinets, you are more likely motivated to go for them. Fortunately, finding these drawers isn’t a difficult affair. They are always available on various shopping platforms online or offline.

Customer reviews on e-commerce platforms can help you determine where to make your purchase as far as buying stained cupboard designs is concerned. All you need to do before and when buying them is consider the following;

  • Cabinet material quality
  • Cabinet color vas colors present in your kitchen
  • Design layout

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how you want to remodel the interior of your scullery, stained cupboard designs are some of the interior décor items you can choose to consider in your remodel plans. Stained kitchen cabinets are cost-effective and easier to use in interior design.

6 Reasons for the Popularity of Kitchens with Brown Kitchen Cabinets

brown kitchen cabinets

You must be an alien if you have never encountered kitchens with brown cabinets. In this article, we aim to let you know why cookhouses with brown cabinets are very common. Read on to discover everything you have ever wanted to know about brown kitchen cabinets.

brown kitchen cabinets
  1. The Functional Attributes of Brown Cabinets

Because all brown cabinet designs are good at concealing dirt and scratches, they are considered functional, which is one of the reasons why they are present in many kitchens. These drawers are admired by many homeowners not only based on the ease of maintaining them but also the fact that they match multiple colors.

  • The Versatile Attribute of Brown Cabinets

Considering how brown kitchen cabinets are versatile, you can expect them to be common in many kitchens. These timeless cupboard designs match vintage and modern interior designs not to mention the fact that their designs feature variability in terms of design features like color and shape, etc.

  • The Ease of Finding Brown Cabinets

Kitchens with brown cabinets are particularly common because of the ease of accessing brown-stained cupboards. Because brown kitchen cabinets can easily be found on online shopping platforms and physical furniture showrooms, a lot of modern homeowners more often find themselves buying them.

  • The Impressive Resale Value of Brown Cabinets

Considering their unequaled longer-lasting properties, brown-stained cabinet designs arguably have a better resale value compared to lots of different cabinet designs. Many modern homeowners have fixed brown cabinets inside their kitchens based on the higher resale value attached to these drawers.

  • The Trendy Classic Outlook of Brown Cabinets

Now that varying classic styles are trending, many homeowners are going for brown-colored drawers to make their kitchens look trendier. Because of their neutral shades, brown kitchen cabinets project a traditional demeanor that is trendier in all aspects.

  • Unrivaled Access to Multiple Design Options

Because of their unmatched design variability, brown-colored cabinetries allow homeowners to easily access their favorite cabinetry designs. Whether you are attracted to vintage or ultra-modern cupboard designs as a homeowner, you are more likely to find your ideal design if you choose to go for brown cabinets.

Final Thoughts                                                                                

As long as tens of varieties of brown kitchen cabinets continue to rage in terms of popularity, sculleries adorned with these drawers will continue scaling up in prominence. Kitchens with brown cabinets are convenient from multiple perspectives, including cleaning, maintenance, and styling.

Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Finishes for a Modern Look

Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

When it comes to updating your kitchen, one of the most impactful changes you can make is to revamp your cabinets. The color and finish of your cabinets play a crucial role in setting your kitchen’s overall style and mood. In this article, we’ll explore the latest trends in kitchen cabinet colors and finishes, helping you achieve a modern and stylish look for your culinary space.

Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Bold and Dark

To make a statement, consider opting for bold and dark cabinet colors. Deep blues, charcoal grays, and rich blacks are gaining popularity, adding a touch of sophistication and drama to modern kitchens. These colors work well when balanced with lighter countertops and backsplashes for contrast.

White and Bright

A timeless classic that never goes out of style, white cabinets continue to dominate modern kitchen designs. Crisp white cabinetry creates a clean and fresh aesthetic, making the space feel larger and more open. Pair white cabinets with sleek hardware for a contemporary twist.


For a modern and dynamic look, embrace the two-tone trend by combining different cabinet colors in the same space. Choose contrasting shades that complement each other, such as white upper cabinets paired with navy blue or dark gray lower cabinets. This approach adds depth and visual interest to your kitchen.

Natural Wood Tones

Incorporating natural wood tones into your kitchen cabinets can bring warmth and texture to the space. Light or medium-toned wood finishes, such as oak or walnut, add a touch of organic beauty, creating a harmonious blend of modern and rustic elements.

High Gloss

For a sleek and contemporary vibe, consider high-gloss cabinet finishes. Glossy surfaces reflect light, making your kitchen appear brighter and more spacious. Opt for bold colors like red, yellow, or metallics for a modern, futuristic look.

When transforming your kitchen cabinets, consider cabinet refinishing services provided by Prep Smart Painting. They offer professional expertise in refinishing cabinets, allowing you to update the color and finish of your cabinets without the need for a complete replacement. Their skilled craftsmen can help you achieve a modern and stylish look, tailored to your specific preferences.


Choosing the right colors and finishes for your kitchen cabinets is key to achieving a modern and stylish look. The possibilities are endless, whether you opt for bold and dark hues, classic white, two-tone combinations, natural wood tones, or high-gloss finishes. 

Remember to consider your overall kitchen design and personal style when selecting your cabinet colors and finishes. With the help of Prep Smart Painting, you can effortlessly transform your kitchen cabinets and create a space that reflects your unique taste and modern sensibilities.

Valuable Taupe Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling Tips

Taupe Kitchen Cabinets

The complexity of kitchen remodeling requires a combination of useful tips to guide the process. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen space, you should consider the following guiding tips to help you.

Taupe Kitchen Cabinets

Set a realistic budget                      

The first thing that you need to do is to set a working budget for the remodeling project. You need a realistic budget that will cover the entire project. While talking about the reality of your budget, you need to consider unexpected budgetary allocations.

You can set a budget by reviewing the prices of various kitchen elements that you would want to have in your kitchen space. For example, if you want to install taupe kitchen cabinets, you can check out their prices and estimate the costs.

Prioritize functionality 

The focus of most kitchen remodeling projects has always been aesthetics. Many people mind how beautiful their kitchen spaces would be at the end of the project. However, the function of the kitchen is the most important remodeling item. You should first consider the needs of your kitchen space before you look at how beautiful it should be.

Luckily, both function and beauty are intermarried and can co-exist. There is nothing wrong with a beautiful set of taupe kitchen cabinets that are meeting the storage needs of your kitchen space.

Optimize storage 

Any change that you make in your kitchen space should be beneficial to your storage needs. Seize the opportunity and expand storage space. This will help you avoid remodeling in the future in search of more space.

Choose durable materials 

Another valuable tip is to ensure that the materials you are using are durable. You don’t want a scenario where you are operating with poor-quality materials that start tearing apart soon after you are done with the renovation. When choosing cabinetry, select hardwood because of its longevity. The regular taupe kitchen cabinets are sufficient to meet durability expectations.

Focus on lighting 

Proper lighting helps to enhance the aesthetic appearance and improve functionality. If you have a small kitchen space, you can use lighting to create a perception of more space in the kitchen. But even if you have a large kitchen space, you can create a soothing atmosphere using warm light fixtures. You can have under-cabinetry lighting under your taupe kitchen cabinets to create a mesmerizing effect.

These valuable tips can help you get it right when you are planning to remodel your kitchen space.

Is Hiring A Kitchen Contractor Important

oak kitchen cabinets

There are many advantages when hiring a professional as opposed to doing a kitchen renovation project alone or with family. Remodelling a kitchen requires expertise right from paperwork, planning, and execution. When designing floors, cabinets, piping, and electricity, you can bet that a professional will perfectly deliver on the job. When installing walnut or oak kitchen cabinets, it is only an expert in crafting oak that can execute a planned design.

oak kitchen cabinets

5 reasons to with a professional kitchen contractor

They have a great design experience

A professional kitchen contractor can help you plan a workable design with foresight on execution and outcome. The expert knows about dealing with a wide range of issues such as planning, proper budgeting, knocking down a wall, and plumbing and electrical work.

They have insurance

Kitchen contractors working for a company are properly insured knowing that anything can happen during the construction or renovation phase that can be hazardous. When you decide to undertake a project on your own, you may encounter problems that may be to your detriment.

Renovations are executed in good time

Experienced professionals will take less time to finish a project. When you undertake a project, which is a bit technical, like installing oak kitchen cabinets, you are likely to take a long time due to a lack of expertise to handle oak fittings.


Safety is a fundamental element when it comes to a kitchen renovation project. Redesign and structural work require a lot of safety measures to prevent the chances of accidents. Experts have raft measures for preventing such accidents thereby keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Full-service providence

A remodeling contractor will provide you with all that you need to enable the redesigning of a kitchen. You may need a specific item like oak kitchen cabinets, marble tiles, mirrored glasses, and many more, but you may not have the access to these important items. The contractor will sort you out since the company has met such demands and can get the items easily.

In conclusion, there is great importance in leaving the hard stuff to professionals because they can handle the redesigning of your kitchen with expertise. As mentioned earlier, there is certain difficult or rather technical stuff to handle that requires the hands and craft of a professional, for instance, making marble flooring, installing oak kitchen cabinets and electrical installation requires a great fit.

Are there Benefits of Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets

Benefits of Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets

Dark cabinets are not only beautiful in the kitchen but can also serve several functional benefits. This article highlights the benefits of dark cabinetry. 

A dark theme in the kitchen is becoming popular among many homeowners. People are no longer afraid to use black cabinetry in their kitchen spaces.

Is it an idea that you can recommend to a homeowner intending to remodel a kitchen space?

Benefits of Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets

Reasons to install dark cabinetry

If you can get high-quality dark cabinetry like matte black kitchen cabinets, then you will enjoy the following benefits:

Create a feeling of luxury 

You can use dark cabinetry to create a unique feeling of luxury. Unlike bright colors like white, dark cabinets create a sense of richness. Therefore, a kitchen will look more luxurious if it has black cabinets installed.

Adds warmth 

Black colors absorb light to create a feeling of warmth. Since the kitchen has become a central place in any home for a gathering, it is important to make it warm and welcoming. You can even make it better by adding warm lights under matte black kitchen cabinets.

Ideal for larger kitchens 

Many people with large kitchen spaces don’t know how to make their kitchens compact. You can use dark cabinetry to help seal the free spaces. With dark cabinetry, the kitchen will look more compact than when with bright cabinetry.

Shows less dirt 

You don’t have to worry about cleaning your kitchen every time you use it. You cannot see dirt easily when you have dark cabinetry.

However, you should not let this benefit be a reason for not scheduling a routine cleaning schedule for your cabinets.

Allow for creativity 

You can express your creative mind with matte black kitchen cabinets installed in the kitchen. It is a color choice that allows a mixture with other colors for an expressive homeowner.

However, check out color ideas online before you pick one. You can use Pinterest to get great ideas for colors that work with dark cabinetry in the kitchen.

Important tips for installing dark cabinetry

Always ensure that:

  • You have sufficient light flowing into the kitchen
  • Your kitchen space is big enough to accommodate dark cabinetry. This color kills space, thus, not recommended for small kitchens
  • Balance with shades of lighter colors

Final thoughts

You should not be afraid to remodel your kitchen space with matte black kitchen cabinets as your cabinetry choice. Just follow the basic tips provided and start your remodeling project.

Why Underfloor Heating Is the Best Choice for Your Home

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a heating system that uses panels or tubes of hot water or electric heating elements to heat the floor of a room. The warm air then rises, providing natural heat circulation and warmth to the entire room. 

Underfloor heating can be used as the primary source of heat in a room, or it can be used in conjunction with other forms of heating, such as radiators. It can also be installed relatively easily and at a lower cost than some other forms of home heating. Continue reading to know why underfloor heating is important.

Underfloor Heating


Underfloor heating is more expensive to install but can be up to 50% cheaper to run. Installing underfloor heating in your home can be a great way to save on your energy bills, as it provides a much more consistent heat than traditional radiators. However, the initial cost of installation can be higher than other forms of heating.


Underfloor heating is a proven way to make your home more comfortable, and studies have shown that homes with underfloor heating can be up to 10 degrees C warmer than those without. Warmer floors mean a more comfortable home, which is good news for everyone, but especially for people with allergies or asthma. Underfloor heating is also great for families with young children, as it helps keep them warm and safe.


There are many reasons why underfloor heating is a more efficient way to heat your home than other forms of heating. First, the warm air rises, so by keeping the heat source closer to the floor, you are able to keep the entire space warm. Second, underfloor heating helps to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the room, which means that you won’t have to adjust the thermostat as often. Finally, underfloor heating is more energy-efficient than traditional heating systems, which means that you will save money on your energy bills.


Space is at a premium in many homes, so anything that can be done to save on space is a bonus. Underfloor heating is one such solution – it takes up less space than traditional radiators. Underfloor heating is particularly well-suited to homes with limited floor space, as there is no need to install tall radiators that can take up valuable room. The pipes that carry the heated water or air are installed beneath the flooring, so they are not visible and do not take up any extra space.

Underfloor heating also has the advantage of being more evenly distributed than traditional radiators. This means that you get consistent heat throughout the room, rather than areas near the radiator being much warmer than the rest of the room.

Have You Made the Decision?

Underfloor heating is the best choice for your home because it is more efficient than other types of heating, it is comfortable and quiet, and it can be customized to fit your needs. So if you are thinking about upgrading your home’s heating system, be sure to consider underfloor heating – you won’t regret it!

The History of Liquid Screed


If you’re a liquid screed Oxford contractor or developer in the UK, you might have heard about the growing popularity of liquid screed applications for residential and commercial properties. Property managers in the UK and beyond have been drawn to the numerous benefits of flowing screed over traditional screening.

This is partly because of the rapid drying and self-levelling properties of liquid screed, making it an excellent choice for smooth commercial finishes, residential underfloor heating, and more. But where exactly is this innovation, and what makes it a superior alternative to traditional concrete screening?


Let’s find out.

The Invention of Screed

The first era of screening was a concrete and sand-based composition. It is commonly used in-situ over a structural base. It is designed to achieve a smooth surface that flooring such as wooden, carpeting and flooring finishes can be applied over.

Concrete screed is generally made up of a ratio of 1:3 or 1:4:5 cement and sharp sand. The composition is manually mixed and levelled out over the substrate surface. The concrete screed must then be levelled out with a screed bar or power screening tools to achieve smoothness. This is necessary to remove moisture and bubbles as cement is prone to cracking and shrinking.

This meant a great deal of time and effort had to be spent to estimate potential shrinkage and measure the right level of humidity and temperature needed to get a professional finish. As such, concrete screening was a labour-intensive task, often taking weeks to complete. But not just that…

The Problems of Concrete Screed

In particular, in residential properties with underfloor heating, the weight and flow of the concrete screed presented additional problems.

Unfortunately, heating systems are often part and parcel of the substrate the screed must cover. This meant that the heaviness of the concrete could bend piping. Moreover, since the concrete was prone to air bubbles, heat could become trapped inside, reducing the thermal transfer efficiency. Finally, concrete is very thick and difficult to pass through in terms of insulation. Thus it was not an optimal choice for such projects.

Another concerning feature of concrete screed is how it is produced. At present, concrete is responsible for 7% of global CO2 emissions. With growing environmental concerns about air quality in the UK, concrete has been recognised as a critical driver of climate change. Concrete is created through a process called decarbonisation. This means that when breaking down some aspects of the components of concrete, large amounts of carbon are released. In fact, for each tonne of cement created, as much as 622kg of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere.

Problems Liquid Screed Fixes

This is where liquid screed shines through. Liquid screed emits far less CO2 emissions than concrete (as much as 20% less); it takes less heat to produce. Additionally, often liquid screed is composed of partly recycled materials. The binder, for instance, is derived from 98% recycled materials. This makes it a popular eco-friendly alternative to traditional screed.

Moreover, liquid screed requires far less effort to cover the substrate when it comes to labour and time efficiency. Since liquid screed is self-levelling and more easily flowing, it can quickly cover an area without extensive levelling tools. This is because the liquid density pushes out air bubbles independently and can spread into the crevices of a room with ease. As such, Liquid screed can take less than 20 minutes to cover a 25m2 area from start to finish. Drying time can be as little as 8 hours to be dry enough to walk.

Another benefit of liquid screed is for underfloor heating applications. Since air doesn’t get trapped like a concrete screed, thermal conductivity is far better with a liquid screed. In addition, the screed amalgamates around the piping without damaging it, reducing gaps between the screed and the heating system. As a result, heat transference can occur much quicker, making it a good choice for residential insulation.


As discussed, the innovation of liquid screed has much to offer.

If you have a liquid screed Gloucestershire project or beyond, why not see what floor screed Newbury services and benefits you can get for your project today?

If you need more proof, take a look at what our customers have to say.