Why my garage door makes a banging noise when opening?

Whenever you open your garage door, it makes a banging noise. But why my garage door makes a banging noise when opening?

It could be caused by three reasons, which I’ll tell you about in this article. Keep an eye out.


Why Does Your Garage Door Make Banging Noises?

Garage doors make banging sounds for several reasons:

components need to be maintained or repaired.

A garage door opening system is designed to make your garage doors open smoothly and easily. The springs bear most of the weight, the tracks guide the door, while the wheels, bearings, and springs allow the door to glide.

The garage door will make a banging noise if any of these components are damaged or aren’t cleaned. Make sure you check them out to see if they are defective. As soon as you discover a flaw, fix it.

The spring(s) are failing.

In any spring system, the idea is the same: they absorb the majority of the weight of the door, making it easy to open and close.

Over the course of its life cycle, a garage door opener will open and close thousands of times while also making manual movement easier.

It is still possible for your garage door opener to move the door if a spring fails, but it will require more effort and might even make shuddering movements as it moves, which may cause the banging noises you hear.

Misalignment Tracks 

A misalignment of the tracks of your garage door may also result in banging sounds. So, make sure its alignments are correct.

Your garage door banging noise can be caused by these factors.

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