Maximizing Space: Creative Storage Solutions for Small Bathroom Remodels

When looking to do a bathroom remodel in Bellevue, space can be a challenge if you have a small bathroom. With some creative storage solutions though, you can maximize every inch and still end up with a functional, comfortable, and beautiful new space. Keep reading for tips on storage ideas to consider when planning your small Bellevue bathroom remodel.

Small Bathroom Remodels

Optimize Under the Sink

The area under the sink is prime real estate for extra storage, but often ends up housing only the plumbing. Take advantage of this wasted space by installing pull out shelves or drawers. These allow you to neatly organize all your toiletries and cleaning supplies while still having easy access. Dedicated drawers for certain items like hair care products, medicines, or cleaning supplies will keep things tidy.

Use Wall Storage

Since floor space is limited, make use of vertical wall space to gain storage in a small bath. Floating shelves provide perfect display space for rolled towels and decorative bins or baskets hold other necessities. Narrow wall cabinets fit neatly between the vanity and ceiling and are great for stashing extras.

Invest in a Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet serves both form and function in a petite powder room. Choose one with shelves, mirrors, and storage bins to organize all those daily use items. Install a style that makes use of wasted wall space, like corner-mounted or recessed cabinets. Not only will you gain storage, but the mirror will make the room feel larger.

Build Custom Shelving

Construct customized shelving and storage nooks throughout the bathroom to fully utilize every bit of available space. Some ideas include:

  • Glass shelving built into the wall of the shower or tub surround
  • Floating corner shelves for towels and toiletries
  • Niches for trash cans, toilet paper, appliances

Get creative with built-ins to perfectly suit your storage needs.

Go Vertical with Towel Storage

Install towel hooks on the back of doors. Rather than taking up precious floor area, make use of the vertical space behind your bathroom door to neatly hang towels. Choose from basic hooks, multi-level racks, or ladder racks. Not only is this a good use of space, but it keeps towels easily accessible and off countertops.

Small Bathroom Remodel Storage Solutions

When it comes to gaining storage in a small bathroom, don’t forget about furniture pieces. A floor standing cabinet tucks neatly next to the vanity and features shelves or drawers for organizing toiletries, cleaning items, bathroom tissue, and more. If a narrow ladder shelf won’t fit, consider a taller shelving unit that takes advantage of overhead space. Place it in an unused corner or next to the door.

Unique Storage Ideas

If you are still looking for places to tuck away items after trying more typical small bathroom storage ideas, get creative with unique spaces including:

Inside the Vanity

Maximize the storage capacity inside your bathroom vanity by installing removable organizational bins and compartments. Look for structures that allow you to fully customize the layout – adding adjustable shelves, drawers, and trays tailored to your specific items.


While narrow, a bathroom windowsill can provide a perfect perch for select decorative items or plants. The space gets beautiful natural light. Ensure whatever you place fits the ledge dimensions without crowding.

Above the Door

An often overlooked but prime real estate spot for storage is right above the bathroom door. Install a metal wall rack, floating shelf, or cubby system which attaches securely to utilize this previously wasted space.

With some innovative storage solutions, even the smallest bathroom can be optimized for functionality and keeping all your stuff neatly tucked out of sight. Consult bathroom remodeling experts in Bellevue to further discuss custom storage ideas for your next bath remodel.